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Thumb down and shame, shame on you girl!!

This is my comments on Halal Honey's blog,regarding the Nation of Islam which she removed. go here (
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All praise be to Allah, the Lord of the universe. May peace and blessings of Allah be upon Muhammad, His last messenger.

First and foremost, I wasn't aware about the heat exchange over here altho' I did read and pass remark on the othrs article on my last visit.

After reading the arguments and some heated exchange, needless to say some of the messages was kill by the blog administrator herself, when I loop between comments I have nothing but some urge to past a comment or two.

so lemme enlighten you a bit if you permit me...
But before that please chase your ego, hate and drivel anger away, therefore one will be spare frm the hand of the Satan and his many accomplices...

I must assert that Yasmine, Sara and Aalia explaination and reasoning quite nicely. I must gaved credits where credit is due, so well done sis. So I'll add and pick up here and there wherever is needed.

Ok, first you must noted that I'll never deny nor refute any good things as well as those practical and positive side of the NOI which some find it so admirable. For me it nothing new really, I has seen such group/sect pop up and florish and die down every now and then in some parts of the world. But what never cease to amuseme(a bit) is on how these man in the US, which with trademark bow ties and suits can gather so many followers especially in this modern times..Perhap the social and educational level of the Back people still in deplorabe state me think. or perhap those White supremacy or the infamous KKKK shadow still linger heavyly in their backyard (as proclaim by the leader of the Nation of Islam) or just a hollowman to served the purpose is remain to be seem.(perhap one might want to enlighted me on this). So enough wth this White thing so let get to the business shall we?

Okay so when we talking about Islam, we must adhere to the tenet of the teaching of Islam. We cannot skip nor toke what ever suit us most nor that we can mix and macth and tweak to suit our liking like what the Guru Nanak (a hindus, before hi wakeup frm his sleep and got an idea ) did to Islam and Hindu pluss a bit logic to produced a teaching which (lafter his dead) his followers latter call Sikh religion.
The people in the Nation of Islam are muslims. If a person says La Ilaha Illa Allah, then they are muslims. You are not ones to judge.
Understand how dangerous it is to start proclaiming people as not muslim.
-----------------End of quote----------------
Who taught you or rather where in Islamic teaching did you pick up such thing? Who's gave the permission or omitt and cut tht short?

Islam has primary obligations/pillars of faith, that each person, I repeat each and every person must fulfill to become a Muslim
The profession of faith aka Shahadah, is the first pillar of Islam. Here:
"Ash hadu anlla ilaha ilallah, wa ash hadu anna Muhammadan rasul ullah"
This may look like a simple confesion but its not my friend, its a really profound statement expresses whereby Muslim's complete acceptance of and total commitment to Islam.
Here is the translation:
"I bear witness that there is no god(deity) except God (Allah), and I bear witness that Muhammad is the Messenger of God (Allah)"
Just saying laillaha illah allah doen't make you a Muslim.
Saying Ash hadu anlla ilaha ilallah, wa ash hadu anna Muhammadan rasul ullah still is NOT enough to make you a Muslim unless you adhere and submit to thier very words. It is a very concise declaration of faith, that contains few letters that may sound quite light upon the lips, yet heavy in the scales. You must submits to every words. you must believe that there is only one God, Allah, Who alone deserves to be worshipped. It also implies that you believe in Muhammad(peace be upon him), as the Messenger of God, and you believe in his message. It also means that you believe in all of God's Prophets, including Jesus (pbuh), who is a Messenger of God and NOT divine or son of God. Meaning you must relinquist and renouse that if you are Christian before Jesus (pbuh),is not not Divine or son of God.

And for all those idol worshiper, they must denouce of their many goddesess and many thing associated wth them.

So looking at your's incompleted version of shahadah and theier original form, one should notice that you did not not include the Messenger, I noticed it across the articles many times, is tht on purpose? I really hope it's not 'cause of NOI teaching or rather their version of Islam? me not accusing here nor that I'm pointing finger, not yet, chuckle, just asking a question coz part of my analytical brain get hurt..It hurt pretty badly when one cannot comprehand a simple logic, not to mention this is about the religion. This is never a trivial thing. One cannot over look thing like this.

Do ya think that these Messenger is merely a joe average from the The United States Postal Service that you can so conveniantly omitted it out eh?

or perhap is it because somebody already decided to change it wth another recent and familiar name?

Oh god, I had a lotta things running inside my brain. And I still(for sure) recall the feeling that I had when I roam and wander not so aimlessly into unfamiliar teritory in the cyberspace...looking for a Mr NOI. look what i found out in their webpage.

here what I found out in NOI website:
Upon the Master's departure in 1934, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad labored tirelessly to bring life to his mentally and spiritually dead people until his return to the Master in 1975. The HonorableElijah Muhammad identified the Master as being the answer to the one that the world had been expecting for the past 2,000 years under the names Messiah, the second coming of Jesus, the Christ, Jehovah, God, and the Son of Man. When the Honorable Elijah Muhammad asked Him to identify Himself. He replied that He was the Mahdi.He signed His name in 1933 as Master Wallace Fard Muhammad to express the meaning of One Who had come in the Early Morning Dawn of the New Millennium to lay the base for a New World Order of Peace and Righteousness on the foundation of Truth and Justice; to put down tyrants and to change the world into a Heaven on Earth.

Through God's Divine Guidance, we are extending this Divine Work of moral and spiritual reform throughout the Western Hemisphere. God's Light and Truth will prevail against the darkness and falsehood of all opposition. In spite of the controversy and clamor surrounding the Nation of Islam and it's Divine Leader, Minister Louis Farrakhan, we are forging ahead in the Spirit of Almighty God, Allah, to unite with all of humanity in the Oneness of God, where all people of goodwill of every Race and of every Nation may participate in the Universal Expression of the Principles of Peace and the Brotherhood of man. This is the Beautiful Community of the Nation of Islam that is coming to birth in America on this Farthest Western Horizon in fulfillment of the Prophecy that God would meet with Muhammad for a second time and reveal to His servant What He Revealed. Thus the world is witnessing the Sun of Islam arising in the West. Praise the Holy Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful.

The kalimah Shahadah is the dividing line between kufr (unbelief) and Islam.

Some reader already points it out that NOI teaches that "Allah" (God) appeared in the Person of Master W. Fard Muhammad yet i dont even see a sigle reply to this grave issue. You don't bother to touch the main point of whole issue, yet you, with your cunning remark's successful cowed some of your reader using the same words;namely[ Only God can judge u, I wonder what makes you think can judge them? I have said it before, and I'll say it again: Only God can judge us, All I said, and will continue to say, is that Only God can judge us]. It been in almost every replies over and over and over till I get kinda of sick.

I know and aware that you did mention sumwere in the reply that you not believe in %100 percent in what the Nation of Islam teaches. Haloo we are talking about the very underlying pillars of Islam. If one got wrong here then how?

And yess, me judge you here, and if ever care to listen, I has been judgmental since the very begining. Others commentator maybe shy away by "judgemental" remark for a many reson know to themself. Should I concurred n follow suit? why should I?

#why do you delete my comments?

All above is in verbatim except below
/* End of posting */

I wasn't realise that my comments had been deleted untill/somewere near my second last methink. Then suddenly i noticed something weird,while I'm still pretty busy shaping my thoughts (as me got lots more to say then), I noticed some of my earlier post is gone, and it wont be long when I refresh my browser that one by one of my recent posts vanish before my eye and been replace by this message one after anothers
This post has been removed by a blog administrator
all the way from the top (except my first comment) to my last comment. ...Man this is totaly irrational if not unspeakable. But it ok am still cool, I has seem many of your kind, a low life, rednecks etc etc, some deleted my comments, some agree,some agree to disagree, some no longer response...It is fortunate enough that your kind was not many.Sighs. Even my question demanding clarification of such deed was respond immediately(yup) wth a delete button!. That explainable enough me think. very fast I must say..even the average hacker pale in Perhap ya wanna make it quick enough so that nobody see the posting eh? It very unfortunate for you haha, I still manage to "salvage" my comments...

So in the rights to response, I post it all here.

Anyway that about it. I wont delve into my brain looking where I stop, esp when suddenly my chains of toughts been distorted by a new developments that reinforce my initial thought about whole article and reply.

As for others, esp. those who's commenting on that blog, I shall clarify about the judge / judgemental.

Here is the hadith that justify it all.
"If you see a wrong action, change it with your hand,
if you can't, change with your tongue and if you are unable to do that, hate it in your heart and that is the weakest of faith."

So how come we wanna differentiate between the rignt and wrong if we cannot judge people??Therefore judgemental is a must. The abilility to form a sensible opinion is a must. yea we must be critical what sometime we cannot avoid having excessively critical view, especially concerning the faith. This is no kid stuff that. How do you respond toward those infamous Danish cartoons?? how do you rate it? a moderate judgement?critical?excessively? or none at all? Think and ponder my friends.
Therefore It doest matter even if he/she happen to be your proud Nation of Islam fellas. All men in Islam is equal. what wrong is wrong. We all have a right and responsibilty to speak out against wrong-doing be it in the cyberspace or elsewere.

The things we can't judge is what in the person's heart. Either he/she meant in their heart when he/she proclaim the Shahadah is beyong us. But what ppl must make sure(observe), he/she must know the very meaning of shahadah and the thing associate with it, make sure they say it right,make sure it is in the original sentence and surely not the fancy distortion version provided by someone who think he's god or messenger of god for sure. This is falacy. Prophet Muhammad is the last messenger of god. Ain't no more after him. Islam is complete.


Anonymous said...

she also deleted a comment where i told her just because someone SAYS they are muslim, like some people in the nation of islam who say they are but belive outright unislamic things-doesnt make them muslim. for ex., satan called himself muslim yet was he really??

Empress Anisa said...

Wow..... that's all I can say

ipv6 said...

Dear Anon,

If we are in dispute then let go to the root, the Qur'an. The tenet of Islam is clear.Muslims bear witness to the oneness of God by the creed there is no god but God and Muhammad is the Messenger of God. With this in mind, then how come one can tell the whole world that this people are 100 percent, guarantee no doubt etc etc a muslims while at the same time regcognise a man as god. It clearly show that they recognise one man who eat, sleep and probbabily shit like 'em as Divine/God??This not goes well wth the teaching of Islam and obviously contradict the Shahadah. How one cannot figured this simple logic? are they shit-faced or whott? how about weed eh? or should I assume the effect of the yesteryear finaly take it toll? if not 100% then how many?45%? 75%? 90%? 99.9% eh?I shitt you not!! this is not a tatistic that you can find a mean
for statictical anylysis, this is a religion of Islam. In Islam if you contradict the scripture you are deviant. You are heretic, lunatic and never poetic at all

ipv6 said...

If only they read some more, learn and enrich some more, they will find the hollowness of their faith, they get lost easily and fail to reconnect between the teaching and their supreme being. They'll craving for more information to salvage their hunger of many unanswer questions in their brain, more often than not they will encounter something that totaly redicoloues if no utter nonsense, hence very hard to satisfy their spiritual need.

ipv6 said...

Islam is not a new religion, it not the religion of Muhammad hence it's utterly wrong to call it Muhammadan/muhammadasism. Unlike Christianity Islam never revolve merely around the prophet in the same ways the Christians do wth Jesus the Nezareth.

Islam is not a new religion because God has revealed the same truth through all His prophets to to their respective people from time immemorial. From Adam, Abraham, Soloman, Moses, Jesus to Muhammad saw as well as many more prophets that I didn't mention here.

ipv6 said...

Satan is a fallen Angel. Jewish, Christian and Muslim, have some significant similiarity on this. Not to be suprised, this is because Judaism, Christianity, and Islam are three closely related religions.

Satan or Syaitan used to be the most knowledgeable angle,a leader and a role model of it kind, his opinion are much sought after by others angel in heaven.

But he commited rebellion againt God. The pride definetly got the better of him when he refused to bow to Adam hence cast out of heaven for that reason. Before that he did ask god, to retain his power and specificly request permission from god to persuade the mankind to follow him in his rebellion, it was granted and the rest is history.

To say he was a muslim or ex-, i think I would go to the latter. This is because of his rebellion as well as the facts that he alredy "burn the bridge and left no retrun" when gave words/sworn before Allah SWT to persuade and misleed, decieving Adam and his descendant untill they become his follower

sonOfAdam said...

Reading this encounter, I strongly think who's ever believe that the Nation of Islam still considered as Islam is pathetic of highes order. Period.

Anonymous said...

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