Monday, January 26, 2009

The Zionist regime make a move to protect their soldiers from war crime

The Zionist's government of Israel is about to approve a bill to grant aid and support to their zionist soldiers which at the brim of suits for the war crimes in Gaza. It's more likely that this soldiers will face law suits against the used of the Phosphorus weapons again civilian, or at least somebody must be held responsible for such actions.stockpile of WP aid from the US

The bill, titled "strengthening the IDF's hand after Operation Cast Lead", was put forward by none other than Defense Minister Ehud Barak himself, with some coordination with the Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Justice and State Prosecutor. According to Barak, "the government carries the responsibility for sending IDF soldiers on military operations and as a result is obligated to grant them complete support against any possible harm to them stemming from those operations."
Barak said "I do not know of any army that operates at the high standards that the IDF operates," "There is no place for an automatic backlash following every operation." Barak claim that the zionist army behaved according to its high moral values during Cast Lead. "As an army which is unsurpassed in its moral traditions, the IDF has done all that it can in order to adhere to international law, in order to avoid harming civilians who are not involved in fighting," Barak said, he adding some more to such moral principles by saying "have not always been enough to prevent tragedies from happening." WP shell caught in actions, and there is civilians!

Well mister, unfortunately records from score of human rights body base in Palestinian and Israel state the otherwise. Palestinians, Jewish as well as the International Human Right body agree about this. There is awfully lots of them inside occupied region and in the matters of facts the occupied region is the most watch area in the world.
for the past 30 year the International community has came to broad consensus to solve the issue namely the 2 state settlement. Two state settlement mean that Israel has to fully withdraw from territory it occupy in 1967 war. This mean they need to withdraw from the West Bank, Jerusalem and Gaza Strip. This is the International law. Its not admissible to acquire territory by war. That what the world court said. This is what written in the in the United Nation charter. Go and read it before you guy(s) slam me ok. This is the fundamental principal of article 2 in the United nation charter. what about the International Court of justice decision on the wall that Israeli built around the occupied territory? what about that? well in july 2007 International Court of justice landed adversary opinion that the wall is illegal under international law, that Israeli is legally bound to remove it all and paid compensation to the damage due to teh construction and those involved.

So now this funny minister of zionist Israel talking about adhere to international law and yet ignore many of UN resolutions pertinent to their occupation! It's the same set of International law that Israeli claim that are bound to. or perhaps they have the privilege to chose whichever that suit their liking only. While at the same time ignore the rests, with the blessing of the United State of America of course! Israel only quote international law as it deem fit to to serve their purpose yet deprive the same law for the palestinians people. That what I see as far as I remember. 

So enough with that, so let get back to the issue at hand. So when the news paper run the articles about the Israeli WP. The IDF spokesman quickly (as always) denied the use of phosphorus and said that Israel was using only the weapons that were allowed under international law. 

But photographic evidence as well as the video clips has emerged and proves that Israel has been using this white phosphorus weapon during its offensive in Gaza. There is many evidence that the phosphorus weapon have injured Palestinian civilians, the dead may not speak about it but surely one can see the horrifies burn mark on them. dead body wth the characteristic of WPSome of the victim is still pretty much alive at this time of writing, hence could tell the world how they felt having part of their body burned out. And many more who's lucky enough doesn't caught in fire can always tell the horror story about the sadistic events. People like Sabah Abu Halima who's suffered terrible burns on her arms, legs and torso can tell you such terribly experience: "There was fire, and so much white smoke". "The missile melted my children. My daughter-in-law melted in front of my eyes." This is publish in BBC News, you can go and read more over here.

But then rows of M825A1 white phosphorus (WP) shells were photographed on the Israel De fence Forces artillery units on the side of the Israel-Gaza border. The Times has identified stockpiles of white phosphorus (WP) shells from high-resolution images. BurnConfronted with this latest evidence, an IDF spokeswoman suddenly change the tone of her statement and insisted that the M825A1 shell was not a WP type. “This is what we call a quiet shell - it is empty, it has no explosives and no white phosphorus. 

she said There is nothing inside it, We shoot it to mark the target before we launch a real shell. And reiterate that Israel was using only the weapons that were allowed under international law. 

yeah right! Like that we don't know that this pale blue M825A1 WP munitions made in USA and heavily used in Fallujah. If I was the reporter I would ask ask her, if we could shoot her with the so call empty shell and let see if it could burn her kind pussy(of course I mean the cat) out of her sorry ass. I hate this saddo lunatic of uncharacteristic being.Darn! 

Of course the Israeli's spokesman/woman will quickly deny it such as; nooo! those are not white phosphorus burn, we have not used white phosphorus in this war, hamas did! while lookin at you in the eyes.

Typical Israeli government statements I must say.

This is nothing to shock about, for those of you who is new to this area, Israel has a very poor reputation for telling the truth. In 1982, it denied using phosphorous munitions on civilian areas in Lebanon, not until journalists discovered dying and dead civilians whose with a strange burn and the wounds caught fire when exposed to air. Some even have the "privileged of it kind" to witness the nature and characteristic of WP when 2 dead babies who, when taken out from a mortuary drawer in West Beirut during the Israeli siege of the city suddenly burst back into flames! Lebanese hospitals fill to the brim with patients with burn wounds consistent with phosphorous munitions.US used the same weapon in Fallujah, IraqThen a bit latter, Israel suddenly admitted that it had not been telling the truth. Jacob Edery, the Israeli minister in charge of government-parliament relations, confirmed that phosphorous shells were used in direct attacks against Hizbollah, adding that "according to international law, the use of phosphorous munitions is authorized and the (Israeli) army keeps to the rules of international norms".

What law? So don't you see, It the same arguments, The Zionist just dish out the same reasons over and over again. It's a standard reply. perhaps they just changed the date and there rest is the same all same.  The shell is not defined as an incendiary weapon by the Third Protocol in the Convention on Conventional Weapons because its principal use is to produce smoke to protect troops. We know that the white phosphorus is a weapon intended to provide a smokescreen for troop movements(as an obscurant/smoke screen) on the battlefield. But the use of white phosphorous as a weapon other than that, is banned by the Third Convention on Conventional Weapons which covers the use of incendiary devices. Though Israel(and their big brother the US) is not a signatory to the convention, its military manuals reflect the restrictions on its use.

The nature of white phosphorous as highly incendiary effect in such that it should never be used on civilian areas, is clear define in the international convention on the use of incendiary weapons. It should not be used where there is a possibility of hitting civilians. So looking at a densely populated Gaza Strip, one of the most dense area in the world. You just cannot shoot above their head and expect none of it hit them. That is insane. This is no Viet Cong in dense jungle that the US burn them alive with infamous napalm! This is no vietnam. There are 1.5 million Palestinians pack and squeezed in this small occupied territory. How does one think is does hit civilians? Unless if it was their goal to hit any Palestinians. 

As the passing of such bill is not enough, the Israeli military censor is applying strict restrictions preventing the media from identifying soldiers who participated in the Gaza Strip offensive and all information about them that may be used in legal proceedings against them in international court abroad.

So yess they are afraid, they are very afraid I must say. I can't help but see the growing concern (read:fear) linger at the core of zionist supreme regime. With the Strengthening the IDF's Hand after Operation Cast Lead bill plus the censorm it clear they did everthing they can to protect the murderer and their cohort. Hide as much as you could but the evidence of this blantant atrocity is abundance and widely acknowledge and there is no doubts about it. Hence, only time will tell if the mighty Jewish power lobby could do their magic this time 

Friday, January 23, 2009

Obama orders Guantanamo closure on his second day in office

The US president has signed an order to close the Guantanamo Bay prison camp within one year and a review of the military tribunals set up by the Bush administration to try detainees.

Surrounded by many retired military officers in the Oval Office at the White House in Washington, Obama also signed an order ending the harsh interrogation of prisoners held by the US and the closure of any secret prisons run by the CIA.

Obama said the signing of the order showed "we are willing to observe core standards, not just when its easy, but when its hard."
"The message that we are sending around the world is that the United States intends to prosecute the ongoing struggle against violence and terrorism," Obama said.
"We are going to do so vigilantly; we are going to do so effectively; and we are going to do so in a manner that is consistent with our values and our ideals."

It seem that Mr Barack Obama fulfill one of his promises during his presidential election canpaign.The US Defence Secretary Robert Gates has ordered his staff to prepare a plan to close the Guantanamo Bay detention centre since the end of december last year. He request his team to work for it, so that he can be prepared to assist the President Obama should he wish to address this very early in his tenure. Obama has declared that closing Guantanamo is a priority in his campaign.

The previousl president, reject the sound advice by members of Congress, by the the American public who goes on the streets as well as by heads of friendly governments; that the Guantánamo Bay detention camp has profoundly damaged The US credibility as a champion of justice and human rights as well as their own laws.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

1st Gaza casualties ever broadcast live on Israeli TV

This is the first Gaza casualties ever been broadcast live on Israeli television.

Latest Update:
Israel declares unilateral Gaza truce!
After 21 days and thousand deaths, Israel finaly declares end of massacre in Gaza. The Israeli National Security Cabinet voted on saturday evening to end the military operation in the Gaza Strip. Seven ministers supported the decision, two others objected, and one abstained. The Israeli army will end its military operations at 2 am Sunday(today).

Oh god I kill this girls || see I no longer look as arrogant like a few day before.Picture tell a thousand words, I can't hold my grief,me only hope it gone when I wakeup the next morn
Look closely at his face. Look onto his eyes. Don't you think he not sad?Don't you see the regret deep in the eyes. Killing the daughters of the Palestinian doctor who's he previously meet and had a nice conversation and happily taken picture with. I bet he remember that. Thus he will be sorry for the rest of his life. I don't know about you all but as for me I had a strong feeling that this "accident" the doctor appeal, lead or rather shape the decisions on war board room in Tel Aviv.


Dr. Ezzeldeen Abuelaish daughters kill in Israeli bombarment

Watch on how the moderator struggle to cope wth the very situation, live infrom of camera.

The doctor, who works at Sheba Medical Center in Tel Aviv, convened a press conference at the Tel Aviv hospital. where he spoke about his daughters. During his press conference, Dr. Ezzeldeen Abuelaish,A testement of Israel atrocity  said that his children were involved in peace missions. "They participated in peace camps everywhere. Were they armed when they were killed? They were not armed with weapons, but rather, with love; love for others. Dr. Ezzeldeen who's previously worked at Soroka Medical Center in Be'er Sheva, state that they planned to travel to Canada; I got a job in Canada and they wanted to come with me. Why did they ruin my hopes? My children!

"The a blast hit the room where the girls were gathered."I found my daughters in pieces," he said. Bisan had been thrown from a bed to the floor. Mayar, 15, and Aya,, 14, were also dead, along with Noor, a 17-year-old cousin. Dr. Ezzeldeen mourning and griefShatha, 17, who was wounded in the eye, was a straight-A student, and had plans to continue her studies abroad, her father said. "They killed their dreams," he added.

"Why they did kill them? Give me a reason," the doctor added. "That's what I want. I want the reason. These Israeli soldiers, the IDF, they know my house. Only a few days ago a tank was deployed across my home. I immediately called the journalists. Israeli officials did everything and moved the tank. They moved and I gave them the description of my house, a five-story house on Salah al- Din Street."

He even taken photographed with Defense Minister Ehud Barak before. "I was the only Palestinian in Soroka Hospital who went to wish him well on the occasion of the Sukkoth holiday, and he was surprised that a Palestinian from Jabaliya works in Soroka. He came and sat next to me, and asked me how I managed to become a doctor."

In the middle of the press conference, a mother of three Israeli soldiers came and have a guts to put it to stoop. Yeah the woman wth the name of Levana Stern came and saying this. "What's wrong with you, have you all gone crazy?" she said. "My son is in the paratroopers, who knows what you had inside your home, nobody is talking about that. Nobody is talking. Who knows what kind of weapons were in your house; so what if he's a doctor? The soldiers knew exactly. They had weapons inside the home, you should be ashamed. I have three soldiers, why are they firing at them? All of you should be ashamed." This is what appear in Israeli News paper mind you.

Bloody hell!

This Palestinian doctor saves lifes you moron! This Palestinian doc with the name of Dr. Ezzeldeen saved many life regarless of race, for years he treat Israeli patients in Israeli Hospital not Gaza Hospital, he condemn the suicide bombing just like many others palestinian, you low life fucking scumbags. Why can't you put your [bigheaded-godforesaken-pissdrinking-scut-beerbellied-mophaired skun-spoiled-saddo-rotten]self into his shoes? How does it feel you pooh peanutt brain.

Dr. Ezzeldeen is a Palestinian gynecologist and he speaks Hebrew just like you, if your limited knowledge forbit you then you should ask him what the hell is gynecologist stand for. So that you at least know that he helps lots of Jews deliver a baby Jews, you retard saddo. Its mean he helps you kind deliver heathy babies. He save lifes you fool. Jewish lifes not the Palestinian remember that, keep repeating it 20 times untill it engrave permanetnly into your pathetic memory. That what he do you skunk. He assists Israeli women and that of course including the wives of your proud IDF soldiers, while they been bussy kiling the Palestinian.  Palestinian cannot go to his hospital, they must request a special permit to enter Israel, even in some rare cases they get the approval, chances are they die of waiting(delay), thus who's not, need to get out from the cage that your zionist masters install around them. High reinforce concrete wall mind you!

Therefore could you at least consider this in your proud brilliant (Jews) head before you went on and force your ways into his press comference you stink empty-headed. Remember in case you alredy forgotten that he helps the wives and the babies of the Israeli Jews, so that they have a healthy babies, so that all of them growup into a very  heathy ablebodied, so that they can be  enlisted into your strong IDF(yea I know it's compulsory), so thatthey can kill the struggling palestinian man and woman(if they manage to stay alive in their younger days of course) and children.

How dare you to came to the press release where the father mourning the lost of his daughters.How dare you talking about yours sons who's definetly participate in this tragic death, one way of anothers.

I just felt like I wanna kick the bloody shit out of you, till you start blowing snot bubbles, you little piece of shit.   Himmelherrgotsakramentnochamol!!!!

I hope you dont mind with my excessive  f words in this page,;( I just can't stand this and will made no apologies about it. .She even go so far as saying out loud, "why is he engaging in propaganda" ,Doctor's daughter seriously wounded "Stop Gaza doctor's propaganda".This definetly kill my manner. how come in all humanity someone came and shout propaganda at the top of their lung, when they saw it live on TV. I hope some of Jewish readers understand my grief and anger, sorrow and compassion toward all this victims regarless colour of their skin.

hmm..ok. so here the story goes, this Levana scumbags, together with others lunatic accomplice at the hospital demanded that the press conference be terminated. The doc said: "I turn to all of you, to the entire world, so you know that my children were the ultimate price, and I don't want anyone to taste what I suffered. My daughters blood as ultimate price for a ceasefireI want them to be the ultimate price for a ceasefire, that's what I want. The Israeli government should tell the truth. I want my children to be the victims of peace…I am armed with love and peace; this is what I'm armed with. My children were armed with love and peace." "They don't want to see the other side; they only want to see one side. They don’t want to see the others."

Unfortunately this bitch and her no less bitchery saddos freinds managed to hijack this press conference.This scumbags as one might guess, spoke with journalists after the helpless doctor left.yupp they shout propanganda and stuff to terminate teh press conference by the Palestinian doctor just to have their own. This is a reality in Israel. Unjustice toward Palestinian is so rampant, flourish like nobody business. Yeah nobady care really. At this point, if you still think that the high wall that they build around Gaza was not inhuman than I don't know what made you.
So as the news conference begin, the tone and lips service play at it best. Here is what this scumbags told the reporters.

Scumbags: "I pity him. I'm completely feel for him. My heart aches over what happened to his children and I know what it's like when children die and a family is ruined. Yet I don't understand why the people of Israel give him a platform at the hospital while our soldiers are lying here wounded. He needs to tell the story, but tell it once, and that's it."

Truths to be told is since the beginning of the Israeli offensive, Dr. Ezzeldeen Abuelaish been stuck inside his home in Gaza, he cannot go to Israel teritory where the Hospital is. They seal all the GATEs.  So he voluntering live phone interview with Israeli TV station from his home to reports/update the humanitarian issue, the suffering, deplete medical supply, hospital equipmets and their building render usedless. Its had been many time live broadcasting since then. So the last time the Channel 10 TV station called him on Friday, for his usual live slot, he answered his cell phone crying and said that his house just been hit by a bom/tanks shell. Thus slain his daughters, his niece and wounded others family members. For many reason that we should thanks the producers, that they decided to continue the live telecast instead of cut it short. This is comandable journalism condults is suprised me and many others. Perhap god want the whole world to watch the gruesome of the killing and manslaughter that so rampant while the world doing nothing of it sort or perhap as I put it tsk tsk. You should watch this in a few time so that you will see the reality in Gaza or any place in Palestine for that matters. 

Here a bit about Dr. Ezzeldeen  Abuelaish particulars  speak volumes about this man.

What say you?

Friday, January 16, 2009

Thumb down and shame, shame on you girl!!

This is my comments on Halal Honey's blog,regarding the Nation of Islam which she removed. go here (
/*note: Feel free to leave a comment or two,  and while reading this you might want to read the Nation of Islam official website too. here
sorry you need to copy and paste it on the browser, I don't want to put a link to this funnysect.*/

The #  indicate the begining of a new comment.

All praise be to Allah, the Lord of the universe. May peace and blessings of Allah be upon Muhammad, His last messenger.

First and foremost, I wasn't aware about the heat exchange over here altho' I did read and pass remark on the othrs article on my last visit.

After reading the arguments and some heated exchange, needless to say some of the messages was kill by the blog administrator herself, when I loop between comments I have nothing but some urge to past a comment or two.

so lemme enlighten you a bit if you permit me...
But before that please chase your ego, hate and drivel anger away, therefore one will be spare frm the hand of the Satan and his many accomplices...

I must assert that Yasmine, Sara and Aalia explaination and reasoning quite nicely. I must gaved credits where credit is due, so well done sis. So I'll add and pick up here and there wherever is needed.

Ok, first you must noted that I'll never deny nor refute any good things as well as those practical and positive side of the NOI which some find it so admirable. For me it nothing new really, I has seen such group/sect pop up and florish and die down every now and then in some parts of the world. But what never cease to amuseme(a bit) is on how these man in the US, which with trademark bow ties and suits can gather so many followers especially in this modern times..Perhap the social and educational level of the Back people still in deplorabe state me think. or perhap those White supremacy or the infamous KKKK shadow still linger heavyly in their backyard (as proclaim by the leader of the Nation of Islam) or just a hollowman to served the purpose is remain to be seem.(perhap one might want to enlighted me on this). So enough wth this White thing so let get to the business shall we?

Okay so when we talking about Islam, we must adhere to the tenet of the teaching of Islam. We cannot skip nor toke what ever suit us most nor that we can mix and macth and tweak to suit our liking like what the Guru Nanak (a hindus, before hi wakeup frm his sleep and got an idea ) did to Islam and Hindu pluss a bit logic to produced a teaching which (lafter his dead) his followers latter call Sikh religion.
The people in the Nation of Islam are muslims. If a person says La Ilaha Illa Allah, then they are muslims. You are not ones to judge.
Understand how dangerous it is to start proclaiming people as not muslim.
-----------------End of quote----------------
Who taught you or rather where in Islamic teaching did you pick up such thing? Who's gave the permission or omitt and cut tht short?

Islam has primary obligations/pillars of faith, that each person, I repeat each and every person must fulfill to become a Muslim
The profession of faith aka Shahadah, is the first pillar of Islam. Here:
"Ash hadu anlla ilaha ilallah, wa ash hadu anna Muhammadan rasul ullah"
This may look like a simple confesion but its not my friend, its a really profound statement expresses whereby Muslim's complete acceptance of and total commitment to Islam.
Here is the translation:
"I bear witness that there is no god(deity) except God (Allah), and I bear witness that Muhammad is the Messenger of God (Allah)"
Just saying laillaha illah allah doen't make you a Muslim.
Saying Ash hadu anlla ilaha ilallah, wa ash hadu anna Muhammadan rasul ullah still is NOT enough to make you a Muslim unless you adhere and submit to thier very words. It is a very concise declaration of faith, that contains few letters that may sound quite light upon the lips, yet heavy in the scales. You must submits to every words. you must believe that there is only one God, Allah, Who alone deserves to be worshipped. It also implies that you believe in Muhammad(peace be upon him), as the Messenger of God, and you believe in his message. It also means that you believe in all of God's Prophets, including Jesus (pbuh), who is a Messenger of God and NOT divine or son of God. Meaning you must relinquist and renouse that if you are Christian before Jesus (pbuh),is not not Divine or son of God.

And for all those idol worshiper, they must denouce of their many goddesess and many thing associated wth them.

So looking at your's incompleted version of shahadah and theier original form, one should notice that you did not not include the Messenger, I noticed it across the articles many times, is tht on purpose? I really hope it's not 'cause of NOI teaching or rather their version of Islam? me not accusing here nor that I'm pointing finger, not yet, chuckle, just asking a question coz part of my analytical brain get hurt..It hurt pretty badly when one cannot comprehand a simple logic, not to mention this is about the religion. This is never a trivial thing. One cannot over look thing like this.

Do ya think that these Messenger is merely a joe average from the The United States Postal Service that you can so conveniantly omitted it out eh?

or perhap is it because somebody already decided to change it wth another recent and familiar name?

Oh god, I had a lotta things running inside my brain. And I still(for sure) recall the feeling that I had when I roam and wander not so aimlessly into unfamiliar teritory in the cyberspace...looking for a Mr NOI. look what i found out in their webpage.

here what I found out in NOI website:
Upon the Master's departure in 1934, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad labored tirelessly to bring life to his mentally and spiritually dead people until his return to the Master in 1975. The HonorableElijah Muhammad identified the Master as being the answer to the one that the world had been expecting for the past 2,000 years under the names Messiah, the second coming of Jesus, the Christ, Jehovah, God, and the Son of Man. When the Honorable Elijah Muhammad asked Him to identify Himself. He replied that He was the Mahdi.He signed His name in 1933 as Master Wallace Fard Muhammad to express the meaning of One Who had come in the Early Morning Dawn of the New Millennium to lay the base for a New World Order of Peace and Righteousness on the foundation of Truth and Justice; to put down tyrants and to change the world into a Heaven on Earth.

Through God's Divine Guidance, we are extending this Divine Work of moral and spiritual reform throughout the Western Hemisphere. God's Light and Truth will prevail against the darkness and falsehood of all opposition. In spite of the controversy and clamor surrounding the Nation of Islam and it's Divine Leader, Minister Louis Farrakhan, we are forging ahead in the Spirit of Almighty God, Allah, to unite with all of humanity in the Oneness of God, where all people of goodwill of every Race and of every Nation may participate in the Universal Expression of the Principles of Peace and the Brotherhood of man. This is the Beautiful Community of the Nation of Islam that is coming to birth in America on this Farthest Western Horizon in fulfillment of the Prophecy that God would meet with Muhammad for a second time and reveal to His servant What He Revealed. Thus the world is witnessing the Sun of Islam arising in the West. Praise the Holy Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful.

The kalimah Shahadah is the dividing line between kufr (unbelief) and Islam.

Some reader already points it out that NOI teaches that "Allah" (God) appeared in the Person of Master W. Fard Muhammad yet i dont even see a sigle reply to this grave issue. You don't bother to touch the main point of whole issue, yet you, with your cunning remark's successful cowed some of your reader using the same words;namely[ Only God can judge u, I wonder what makes you think can judge them? I have said it before, and I'll say it again: Only God can judge us, All I said, and will continue to say, is that Only God can judge us]. It been in almost every replies over and over and over till I get kinda of sick.

I know and aware that you did mention sumwere in the reply that you not believe in %100 percent in what the Nation of Islam teaches. Haloo we are talking about the very underlying pillars of Islam. If one got wrong here then how?

And yess, me judge you here, and if ever care to listen, I has been judgmental since the very begining. Others commentator maybe shy away by "judgemental" remark for a many reson know to themself. Should I concurred n follow suit? why should I?

#why do you delete my comments?

All above is in verbatim except below
/* End of posting */

I wasn't realise that my comments had been deleted untill/somewere near my second last methink. Then suddenly i noticed something weird,while I'm still pretty busy shaping my thoughts (as me got lots more to say then), I noticed some of my earlier post is gone, and it wont be long when I refresh my browser that one by one of my recent posts vanish before my eye and been replace by this message one after anothers
This post has been removed by a blog administrator
all the way from the top (except my first comment) to my last comment. ...Man this is totaly irrational if not unspeakable. But it ok am still cool, I has seem many of your kind, a low life, rednecks etc etc, some deleted my comments, some agree,some agree to disagree, some no longer response...It is fortunate enough that your kind was not many.Sighs. Even my question demanding clarification of such deed was respond immediately(yup) wth a delete button!. That explainable enough me think. very fast I must say..even the average hacker pale in Perhap ya wanna make it quick enough so that nobody see the posting eh? It very unfortunate for you haha, I still manage to "salvage" my comments...

So in the rights to response, I post it all here.

Anyway that about it. I wont delve into my brain looking where I stop, esp when suddenly my chains of toughts been distorted by a new developments that reinforce my initial thought about whole article and reply.

As for others, esp. those who's commenting on that blog, I shall clarify about the judge / judgemental.

Here is the hadith that justify it all.
"If you see a wrong action, change it with your hand,
if you can't, change with your tongue and if you are unable to do that, hate it in your heart and that is the weakest of faith."

So how come we wanna differentiate between the rignt and wrong if we cannot judge people??Therefore judgemental is a must. The abilility to form a sensible opinion is a must. yea we must be critical what sometime we cannot avoid having excessively critical view, especially concerning the faith. This is no kid stuff that. How do you respond toward those infamous Danish cartoons?? how do you rate it? a moderate judgement?critical?excessively? or none at all? Think and ponder my friends.
Therefore It doest matter even if he/she happen to be your proud Nation of Islam fellas. All men in Islam is equal. what wrong is wrong. We all have a right and responsibilty to speak out against wrong-doing be it in the cyberspace or elsewere.

The things we can't judge is what in the person's heart. Either he/she meant in their heart when he/she proclaim the Shahadah is beyong us. But what ppl must make sure(observe), he/she must know the very meaning of shahadah and the thing associate with it, make sure they say it right,make sure it is in the original sentence and surely not the fancy distortion version provided by someone who think he's god or messenger of god for sure. This is falacy. Prophet Muhammad is the last messenger of god. Ain't no more after him. Islam is complete.

Arab League summit on Gaza not enough quorum still! shame on you Arab World

Qatar has call for an emergency Arab League summit to discuss the situation in Gaza but not many other countries have so far agreed. Qatar's PM, Sheikh Hamad bin Jassem said it was urgent that Arab leaders meet because of Israel rejects of UN resolution 1860. He consider that the situation in Gaza makes urgent to hold a special meeting. Perhap It was't show up in local MSN, but the fact is many of Qatar's initiative to hold the emergency summit since the Israel's offensive in Gaza has going nowhere. The request has been postponed every time due to different view points of Arab leaders.

After many request from Qatar, only thirteen countries have given their acceptance, still not enough quorum. Therefore they cannot hold the meeting, so none of whatsover declaration about the massacre of woman and childrens in Gaza will be surface just yet. What made them so hesitate? What more urgent thing then the dying palestinian on the hand of brutal and ruthless Israeli advanced and their illigal weaponry.

What are you waiting for? A green light from Obama? Your political master?
Even Venezuela together with Bolivia kicked out the Israeli ambassadors out of their countries on grounds of the crimes against humanity that were committed in Gaza, while Israeli Ambassdors busy packing in those country, their conterpart in the Arabian world still enjoy reading the news and perhap crack a joke along the way....


Not that I expect much from those Arab Muslim leaders anyway. But just to convene the summit they faced too much difficulties left alone to agree about the outcome.

This is pathetic of the highes order!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

United Nations High Commissioner Calling for Gaza's War Crimes probe

Navi Pillay, a United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights called for an independent investigation into possible war crimes committed by Israeli's in Gaza. She specifically referred to the killing of 30 Palestinian civilians in a home in central Gaza that was shelled by Israeli forces.

"I am concerned with violations of international law. Incidents such as this must be investigated because they display elements of what could constitute war crimes," Pillay, told Reuters.

"There is an international obligation on the part of soldiers in their position to protect civilians, not to kill civilians indiscriminately in the first place, and when they do to make sure that they help the wounded," Pillay said. "In this particular case these children were helpless and the soldiers were close by," she said.

Speaking earlier to a special session of the UN Human Rights Council held on the Gaza crisis, Pillay had said that Israel should be held accountable for any violations of international law.

Pillay continued by noting that a large number of people, including children, had been killed or wounded in "Israel's totally unacceptable strikes" against clearly marked UN facilities sheltering Gaza civilians.

Navi Pillay, United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights.

The UN Security Council adopted Resolution 1860 calling for an immediate cease-fire in the 14-day-old conflict and a withdrawal of Israeli troops from Gaza but Israel rejected the resolution and continued its offensive on Friday.

Friday, January 9, 2009

UN Security Council Urges Immediate Ceasefire in Gaza

The UN Security Council has urged Israel and Hamas to immediately end the Gaza conflict, a call that follows 13 days of fighting with more than 800 people dead and thousands wounded.

The 15-nation Security Council voted 14-0 late Thursday, Jan. 8, with the United States abstaining, to adopt the resolution demanding the ceasefire.

The ceasefire resolution came after three days long of intense, closed-door negotiations at United Nations headquarters to hammer out a compromise or in another words to tone down the text till it became acceptable to all of permanent members with veto power(namely the United States, France, Britain, Russia and China).

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Thousands of Israel's left-wing rally to voice against the assault on Gaza

MK Khenin: Gaza war won’t solve security problems .

Thousands of leftists arrive at Rabin square to protest against IDF operation, chant 'Defense Minister Barak, how many children have you murdered today?' 

Photo: Yaron Brener.
Thousands of left-wing activists arrived at Rabin Square in Tel Aviv Saturday night to protest against the Gaza war. The protesters were marching in the streets and carrying flags reading "Stop the fire" and "Children in Gaza and Sderot wish to live."

Knesset members Dov Khenin (Hadash) and Ahmad Tibi (United Arab List-Ta'al) were among the political figures who attended the rally. 
Photo: Israeli police arrest a demonstrator [AFP]"

I came here to demonstrate along with thousands of citizens in Tel Aviv and all across the country, Jews and Arabs alike, who are calling to stop this war, which is a disaster. It hasn't solved the security problems in the south, and nothing good will come out of it," Khenin told Ynet. 

"We came here to demand an end to the war, an agreement on a ceasefire, the opening of the border crossings and a prisoner exchange deal," he said. "This will be the outcome anyway, and no unnecessary blood should be spilled in the meantime." 
Tibi added that "eventually there will be diplomatic negotiations on a truce, so why carry on with this phase of the war?" 

The demonstrators chanted "Defense Minister Barak, how many children have you murdered today?" 
Hundreds of right-wing activists who demonstrated opposite the leftists in support of the IDF's ground incursion in Gaza chanted "You are the cancer of this country". 
Likud MK Gilad Erdan, who took part in the rightists' protest, said the High Court erred in its decision to allow protesters to "wave enemy flags while Israel is at war." 

Photo:Israel's left-wing residents [AP] 
"The hundreds of people who arrived here to demonstrate opposite (the leftists) are proof that the sane majority support the annihilation of terror and Hamas in Gaza." 

Amnon Meranda contributed to the report. source: Israel News 

Not all Jews subscribe to the Zionist's indoctrinate wars toward the Palestine people. But it very unfortunate that this group doest doesnt hold much weightin the knesset hagedolah (great assembly), which 120 members will be choose to represent The Knesset (the parliament of the State of Israel). They are not alone though,  the Iranian Jew share the same idea of peace and opose war, killing and unjustifiable toward the long oppress and suffering palastinian.

The public outcry are more visible than in the past, perhap they had learn the lesson from the last war in Lebanon.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Hamas Rockets Put Israel's Nuclear Facility in Battle Zone

 Friday, January 02, 2009 

Rocket attacks from Gaza have forced Israelis to flee in ever greater numbers, escalating the belief among Israel's military chiefs that Hamas missiles could threaten the nation's top secret nuclear facility at Dimona.
Israeli officials say that Hamas has acquired dozens of Iranian-made Fajr-3 missiles and with it, an even longer range than previously seen. Many fear that as the group acquires ever more sophisticated weaponry it is only a matter of time before the nuclear installation at Dimona, 20 miles east of Beersheba, falls within its sights.

Dimona houses Israel’s only nuclear reactor and is believed to be where nuclear warheads are stored.

Israeli officials allowed dozens of Palestinian holders of foreign passports to flee the fighting in the Gaza Strip on Friday.

Army spokesman Peter Lerner says nearly 300 Palestinians poured through the Israeli-controlled Erez crossing Friday morning. The Palestinians hold citizenship from a number of other countries, including the U.S., Russia, Turkey and Kazakhstan.

On Thursday an Israeli warplane dropped a 2,000-pound bomb on the home of one of Hamas' top five decision-makers, instantly killing him and 18 others, while the Israeli army said troops massed on the Gaza border were ready for any order to invade.

The airstrike on Nizar Rayan was the first that succeeded in killing a member of Hamas' highest echelon since Israel began its offensive Saturday. The 49-year-old professor of Islamic law was known for personally participating in clashes with Israeli forces and for sending one of his sons on a 2001 suicide mission that killed two Israelis.

The attacks continued Friday. Before dawn, Israeli aircraft hit 15 houses belonging to Hamas militants, Palestinians said. They said the Israelis either warned nearby residents by phone or fired a warning missile to reduce civilian casualties. Twelve people were hurt in the attacks, hospital officials said.

Even as it pursued its bombing campaign, Israel kept the way open for intense efforts by leaders in the Middle East and Europe to arrange a cease-fire. Israel said it would consider a halt to fighting if international monitors were brought in to track compliance with any truce.

Adding to the urgency of the diplomatic maneuvering, the Israeli military said its preparations for a possible ground assault were complete and that troops stood ready to cross the border if the air operation to stamp out Hamas rocket fire needed to be expanded.

Soldiers massed along the Gaza frontier said they were eager to join the fight, and some even cheered as they heard thunderous airstrikes in the distance.

The hit on Rayan's home obliterated the four-story apartment building and peeled off the walls of others around it, creating a field of rubble in the crowded town of Jebaliya in the northern Gaza Strip. Mounds of debris thrown up by the blast swallowed up cars.

Eighteen other people, including all four of Rayan's wives and nine of his 12 children, also were killed, Palestinian health officials said. A man cradled the burned, limp body of a child he pulled from the rubble.

The house was one of five bombed Thursday, among more than 20 targets altogether. Warplanes shredded the houses, taking off walls and roofs and leaving behind eerie, dollhouse-like views into rooms that still contained furniture.

Israel's military, which has said the homes of Hamas leaders are being used to store missiles and other weapons, said the attack on Rayan's house triggered secondary explosions from the arms stockpiled there.

Seven other Palestinians were killed in airstrikes Thursday and one died of earlier injuries.

Israel has targeted Hamas leaders many times in the past, and the current leadership went into hiding at the start of the offensive. Rayan, however, was known for openly defying Israel and in the past had led crowds to the homes of wanted Hamas figures — as if daring Israel to strike and risk the lives of civilians.

Residents said he openly went to a nearby mosque Thursday morning to pray.

In his last interview, recorded with Hamas TV on Wednesday, Rayan was as defiant as ever about confronting the Israeli military.

"Oh fighters, know that you will be victorious," he said. "God promises us either victory or martyrdom. God is greater than they are, God is greater than their planes, God is greater than their rockets."

The military said it had information that there was a tunnel beneath Rayan's home for use as an escape route.

Israel seemed determined to press ahead with airstrikes on Hamas houses. It also has been targeting buildings used by the territory's Hamas government — emptied days ago by evacuations — as well as rocket-launching sites and smuggling tunnels along the border with Egypt.

"We are trying to hit everybody who is a leader of the organization, and today we hit one of their leaders," Israeli Vice Premier Haim Ramon said in a television interview.

More than 400 Gazans had been killed and some 1,700 wounded since Israel embarked on its aerial campaign, Gaza health officials said. The United Nations has said the death toll includes more than 60 civilians, 34 of them children.

One of them, 11-year-old Ismail Hamdan, was buried Thursday after dying of wounds suffered from an airstrike Tuesday that killed two of his sisters, Haya, 4, and Lama, 12. His body was wrapped in a Palestinian flag and his battered face was still bandaged as he was carried above a crowd of mourners.

Since Saturday, three Israeli civilians and one soldier have also died in rocket attacks that have reached deeper into Israel than ever before, bringing more than a tenth of Israel's population of 7 million within rocket range.

The bombing campaign has worsened an already hard life for Gaza's mostly poor population of 1.5 million. On Thursday, hundreds of people stood in long, snaking lines across the territory waiting to buy bread.

Israel launched the offensive Saturday after more than a week of intense Palestinian rocket fire that followed the expiration of a six-month truce, which Hamas refused to extend because Israel kept up its blockade of Gaza.

So far, the campaign has been conducted largely from the air. But a military spokeswoman, Maj. Avital Leibovich, said preparations for a ground operation were complete.

"The infantry, the artillery and other forces are ready. They're around the Gaza Strip, waiting for any calls to go inside," Leibovich said.

Thousands of soldiers waited along the border, resting among tanks, armored personnel carriers and howitzers. The troops watched warplanes and attack helicopters flying into Gaza, cheering each time they heard the explosion of an airstrike.

One soldier, who can be identified under military rules only as Sgt. Yaniv, said he was eager to go in. "I am going crazy here watching all this. I want to do my part as well," he said.

Hamas promised to put up a fight if Israeli land forces invaded.

Hamas is listed as a terrorist organization by the United States and many other Western nations. From 2000 to 2004, Hamas was responsible for killing nearly 400 Israelis and wounding more than 2,000 in 425 attacks, according to the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

From 2001 through May 2008, Hamas launched more than 3,000 Qassam rockets and 2,500 mortar attacks against Israeli targets.

"We are waiting for you to enter Gaza to kill you or make you into Schalits," the group said, referring to Israeli Sgt. Gilad Schalit, who was captured in a cross-border raid by Hamas-affiliated militants 2 1/2 years ago and remains in captivity in Gaza.

Israel's bruising campaign has not deterred Hamas from assaulting Israel. According to the military, militants fired more than 30 rockets into southern Israel during the day.

No injuries were reported, but an eight-story apartment building in Ashdod, 23 miles from Gaza, was hit. Panicked residents ran through a debris-strewn street.

Earlier this week, Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert rebuffed a French proposal for a two-day suspension of hostilities to allow for the delivery of humanitarian supplies. Israel has been allowing trucked relief supplies to enter Gaza. Ninety aid trucks crossed the border Thursday.

Still, Olmert seemed to be looking for a diplomatic way out, telling Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and other world leaders that Israel would accept a truce only if international monitors took responsibility for enforcing it, government officials said. They spoke on condition of anonymity because the talks were confidential.

A Turkish truce proposal included a call for such monitors.

Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni, speaking to reporters during a visit to Paris for meetings with French officials, expressed skepticism about the benefits of a cease-fire. She said Hamas used the lull during the six-month truce that expired last month to build up its arsenal of weapons.

"Our experience from the past is that even when we accept something in order to have a peaceful period of time, they abuse it in order to get stronger and to attack Israel later on," Livni said.

Egypt's foreign minister said Hamas must ensure that rocket fire stops in any truce deal, and he criticized the Palestinian militants for giving Israel an "opportunity on a golden platter" to launch the offensive.

Gaza has been under Hamas rule since the group's fighters overran it in June 2007. The West Bank has remained under the control of moderate Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, who has been negotiating peace with Israel for more than a year but has no influence over Hamas. Bringing in truce monitors would require cooperation between the fiercely antagonistic Palestinian factions.

An Abbas confidant said the Palestinian president supported the notion of international involvement. "We are asking for a cease-fire and an international presence to monitor Israel's commitment to it," Nabil Abu Rdeneh said.

World leaders have not been deterred by the initial rejections by Israel and Hamas of truce efforts, and next week French President Nicolas Sarkozy plans a whirlwind trip around the region.The Associated Press contributed to this report.

Comment: Hamas had been using the Qassams rockets as long as I can remember. This rockets are cobbled together in a rudimentary from a different parts smuggled from the outside.

Its only effective on short-range up to 1.8 miles. Very short indeed. Unlike the Israeli possesion, this rockets is very simple, it don't have any sophisticated guidance/targeting systems, infact there have none at all. This of course contributed toward it poor performances and less infective unless it ben used in a populated area. Sort of trowing stone with a blind eyes hopping to hit somebody so to speak. What a trully reminiscence of Palestinian people throwing stone on the street at the full heavily armor Israel army.

The Fajr-3 rocket is an Iranian multiple-launch artillery rocket which carries a 45-kilogram warhead. With the ranges about 75–80 kilometres efectively can reach the Dimona nuclear facilities, 20 miles away. There were growing fears in Israel that this missiles could bring catastrophe to the complex.

Well I this type of rocket wont bring no harm to the reactor. It may damage the fasilities surrounding the buildings but not the re-enforced harden reactor building. If it ever pass multi layers of USA made and Israel own anti missile system. 

Aljazeera video on Israeli's bombardment:

Aljazeera reports on the further Israeli airstrikes on Gaza pluss an interesting comment from Israeli Foreign Minister:

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Happy New Year

Happy New Year
bros and sisters.

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