Saturday, January 10, 2009

United Nations High Commissioner Calling for Gaza's War Crimes probe

Navi Pillay, a United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights called for an independent investigation into possible war crimes committed by Israeli's in Gaza. She specifically referred to the killing of 30 Palestinian civilians in a home in central Gaza that was shelled by Israeli forces.

"I am concerned with violations of international law. Incidents such as this must be investigated because they display elements of what could constitute war crimes," Pillay, told Reuters.

"There is an international obligation on the part of soldiers in their position to protect civilians, not to kill civilians indiscriminately in the first place, and when they do to make sure that they help the wounded," Pillay said. "In this particular case these children were helpless and the soldiers were close by," she said.

Speaking earlier to a special session of the UN Human Rights Council held on the Gaza crisis, Pillay had said that Israel should be held accountable for any violations of international law.

Pillay continued by noting that a large number of people, including children, had been killed or wounded in "Israel's totally unacceptable strikes" against clearly marked UN facilities sheltering Gaza civilians.

Navi Pillay, United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights.

The UN Security Council adopted Resolution 1860 calling for an immediate cease-fire in the 14-day-old conflict and a withdrawal of Israeli troops from Gaza but Israel rejected the resolution and continued its offensive on Friday.


air said...

Charge 'em under crime against humanity

Anonymous said...

yeah bring them to justice

M.J. said...


Empress Anisa said...

I TOTALLY agree with "air"- charge them for crimes against humanity- we're all human and NO ONE even any type of animal, deserves this kind of treatment... let's see how this will unfold...

hijabee said...

Just 3 woeds: Crime Against Humanity!

ipv6 said...

yep we should put forward the idea of crime again humanity, made them accountable for all the killing, all the physical and psychological warfare again the civilians. The walls that really look like a cage effectively restrict the movement of anykind so that the the palestinian need to dig a hole(tunnel?too primitive) just to get the floor, milk and others necessities. Many die in the process when the hole cave in just because they cant afford to buy wood or anything that could support the soil, hence it call a hole, a big hole.

ipv6 said...

We should trials the War Criminals before the "Jurusalem Military Tribunals" in the same spirit of the the Nuremberg Military Tribunals was conducts but with internationally accepted standards of justic of course. We want justice, so justice must prevail, so let put more effort so that the justice take it course.

Poetic justice huh? Anyone?

what say you?

Anonymous said...

Yes, the terrorists, inspired by islam, who bomb innocents around the world have to be bought to justice. Navi Pillay would understand this better from her Indian friends; Has she dome anything for the human rights of the victims? or is is that only terrorists have human rights?

ipv6 said...

@anno of jan 16
Islam is a peace religion, its never advocate war. The terror got nothing to do with Islam.

Which "terrorist" did you refer to? I guess I know who you refer to, okay. The palestinian is not terrorist. some of them like suicide bomber is wrong, they has been oppress by the Israeli's zionis even before 1948,where Ben-Gurion self-proclaims the State of Israel. Even before the birt of IDF, their predecesor the illegal arm jewish group alredy terorise the Arab palestinian be it Muslim or Christian. Zionist movement has stir hate especially among the immigran jews.

ipv6 said...

Long before the the zionism, the Jews, Muslim and Christian live in peace and harmony for as long as history can tell.

Look at what zionist movement have done to the Jewish society in general?They beat their rabbi, because they oppose oppresion and terror again their palestinian Arabs brothers and sisters.

Can you see how hard is it?you push the palestinian to the wall, you build the wall soround them, you impose a blokage to their alredy petty economy.Even the baby who's sick need to q in check points just to go to hospital. Desperate people resolve to despera measure. This is not about religion my friend.

*next time perhap you may want to comment using the id and not merely hiding behind the anonymous. This is childish. You know what I meant don't you?

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