Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Dear President-elect Obama, please end military aid to Israel

During his November 4 acceptance speech, President-Elect Barack Obama stated that “There are many who won’t agree with every decision or policy I make as President, and we know that government can’t solve every problem. But I will always be honest with you about the challenges we face. I will listen to you, especially when we disagree.”

Help Influence the Obama Administration on ending the military aid to Israel and promote peace.Go and sign will ya?

Another online Petition : Gaza "peace and Justice" by Council on American-Islamic Relations


Anonymous said...

yup let support the petition.
may peace be in the Jerusalem

ipv6 said...

Let end these lowlife support to zionist regime. And this mean end those military support "toward anything Jewish". Let embrace a new Israel, emerge and live in peace and harmony with the new Palestinian nation. Wait a minute, did I say a new nation? Yup Palestinian people is stateless since the Great Britain end their ocuppation and Mandate subsequetly.
The Palestine Mandate was assigned to Great Britain post-WWI peace under the Covenant of the League provision contained in the Treaty of Versailles circa 1920.

For the next 28 years, Great Britain facilitate the establishment of a national Jewish home but not as a country. Declassify Winston Churchill document dated 1922 proved the essence of the facilitation.

Illegal underground armed Haganah's Jew group terrorise the Palestinian Arabs, while masive influx of Jews immigrant from Europe and elsewhre, all under the under the watchful eye of the Great Britain.

ipv6 said...

Not to mention the great Jewish lobbies in Europe and the US which is very effective I must say. This explained why in the day of may 14, 1948, when Ben-Gurion self-proclaims the State of Israel, Brtain dissolve the British Mandate the next day(May 15 1948).

If that is miracle than perhap you should consider this, within minutes of the dissolution of the British Mandate, Harry Truman(tehn,the US President) granted de facto recognition of the State of Israel. merely 3 days later the Soviet granted diplomatic recognition of de jure.

And the rest is history.

ika said...

I wait for Mr. Obama to make a peace condition in Gaza........

Anonymous said...

you mean a fair policy toward the Palestinian

Anonymous said...

Yeah, a fair policy means, stop support to Israel, start supporting Hamas and the Ayatollahs!!

ipv6 said...

fair policy mean as it sound fair not double standard, not hypocrisy, not turning blind eyes toward the regime zionist brutal slaughter of helpless paestinian people.

Stylomom said...

How do we petition against something that is already inborn, embedded years and years and all around the world, the US and Israel are closer than blood ties and these can be seen all around the world, countries that are allies with the US are also helping them, so yes I support this petition, but its too long a history, too powerful a force and too difficult a situation to fight teeth and nail for...

ipv6 said...

yepp I know, it has been going on for many years, since the last 60 years to be exact, but it doesn't mean it cannot been change.

Everthing in this world can be change exept dead. That what the prophet teach us. We cannot just merely pray and hope everthing will change to our liking. The holly Qur'an urged us to works to put the food on the table, to defend ourself with advanced weaponery, and even the rule of wars like dealing wth the POWs, wemen and children also got. It was written there long before the Hague Conventions or any moden International treaties to that matter. But unfortunately the muslim world in general has been negleted. Instead of become inventor like we used to be, we became heavily as a user. We have been bless wth the black gold and abundance resources yet it gone in the wind due to mismanegement(as inadequate people holding the jobs like in some of Middle East countries where almost the whole buch of the royal household have a keys position in the government,the holly book does foretold about the unqualified people holding the jpower too), corruptions and spend it on Harold's and the like.

It's not that Israel super strong that she win all the wars wth the Arabs,but most of the time 'cause of lack of command if not stupidity among the arabs themself. I'm aware that the Israeli army receive the state of the art weaponary from America that enable her to have clear advantange in the war esp in the six days war that shape the current border, before that there's times that the Arabs could claim victory if they play their cards right. So enough with the history let get back to reality of the day ;p

Now that the Israeli goverment became realy strong, (4th in the world) with almost 200 nuke and soon a squadrom of state of the art US made stealth bomber will arrive to their base. So teachically it very difficult to hedge the war looking at the Israeli army have at their disposal and the arabs possesion. And anything involving the security council touching the Jewish State will be a short live due to uncle Sam veto.

Thus, we should change the US from inside. over the years,a lot of american poeple began too see the opposite, especially after the infamous lie about WMD and the war in Iraq. If we could contribute to this momentum and gave it more merits, more or less it will pressurise the current administration and hopefull tone down their blind support toward the regime zionist. And that mean a lot really..

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