Friday, January 16, 2009

Arab League summit on Gaza not enough quorum still! shame on you Arab World

Qatar has call for an emergency Arab League summit to discuss the situation in Gaza but not many other countries have so far agreed. Qatar's PM, Sheikh Hamad bin Jassem said it was urgent that Arab leaders meet because of Israel rejects of UN resolution 1860. He consider that the situation in Gaza makes urgent to hold a special meeting. Perhap It was't show up in local MSN, but the fact is many of Qatar's initiative to hold the emergency summit since the Israel's offensive in Gaza has going nowhere. The request has been postponed every time due to different view points of Arab leaders.

After many request from Qatar, only thirteen countries have given their acceptance, still not enough quorum. Therefore they cannot hold the meeting, so none of whatsover declaration about the massacre of woman and childrens in Gaza will be surface just yet. What made them so hesitate? What more urgent thing then the dying palestinian on the hand of brutal and ruthless Israeli advanced and their illigal weaponry.

What are you waiting for? A green light from Obama? Your political master?
Even Venezuela together with Bolivia kicked out the Israeli ambassadors out of their countries on grounds of the crimes against humanity that were committed in Gaza, while Israeli Ambassdors busy packing in those country, their conterpart in the Arabian world still enjoy reading the news and perhap crack a joke along the way....


Not that I expect much from those Arab Muslim leaders anyway. But just to convene the summit they faced too much difficulties left alone to agree about the outcome.

This is pathetic of the highes order!


Flifla said...

as salam aleykoum

i watched the summit on ALJAZEERA the speech of Syria's president was very harsh towards ISRAHELL and people applaused him severals times

As u said the quorum not succeed it is a shame, but the real meaning of this summit is the physical presence of HAMAS LEADERS

To see the HAMAS in the middle of all those arabe leaders that's very encouraging, indeed no one officialy speaks with HAMAS coz according to Israel ans USA they are terrorist

that's also the reason why egypt and even Mahmoud Abbas were not at the summit, Israel ans USA will disapprove

So the DOHA SUMMIT is in that sense very positif and for arabe leaders it was difficult to take the decision of being physicaly present with HAMAS LEADERS

QuatAr and Mauritania decided to cut all the relation with ISRAHELL
and i agree with u it is a shame that the first to react strongly was the Venezuela president CHAVEZ, and then BOLIVIA but i am not sure about the fact that bolivian president expells israel ambassador too he just cut the relation

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