Thursday, February 5, 2009

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan Salvo

First I think the organiser did an awful mistake in the first place. Whoever handling the plenary session on Middle East peace at the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum in Davos really pathetically inadequate.  On what ground did they resort to this format? This are politicians and not academician discussing about the jargon and obscure subject if not a old school theory. We are talking about the explosive issue as huge as Israeli bomb, a burning issue as hot as the White Phosphorus that the Israeli Occupational Force use again the oppress Palestinian people. How come the time allocated like that? 

Why did the moderator, David Ignatius, allow some panelist go on and on without even watch the time and preamp those who's goes ways too long, like what the moderator always did. With the whole session merely one hour yet he gave the Israeli  tribe leader a splendid 25 minute. Minus the moderator speech it would constitute as half of the session already. And why don't they allocate the Q&A session?with this statue of even and panelist, they should at least open a few questions to the floor. That the norm. Even if the the whole session run out of their allocated slot which is pretty normal if we have a very interesting topics/panelists or both. It's pretty normal to drag a session a bit just to address some questions from the floor or in this case the Erdogan's rebuttal. The lunch can wait a few more minutes for sure. After all the moderator fail to discharge his duty and been unfair if not bias to some panelist to say the least. It's a bit funny to see Ignatius put his arm on Erdo─čan's shoulder and kept saying that his time was up.They created a panel of talking heads without allowing any interaction with the audience. There wasn’t  room for the speakers to directly address each other, especially after Peres had claim why Erdogan's car hasr been delayed half an hour at the Israeli border at the West Bank, because the cars have been known to be packed with dynamite! A dignitaries, a head of state and Israeli ally entourage packed with bomb? And it goes without saying from the Washington Post journalist and moderator, David Ignatius! 

Watch the whole account.

BTW, I urge you guys to watch and listen to them, I think Amr Moussa, the Arab League secretary  words quite eloquent, convincing and thoughtful. I know it's a long movie clip but it worth the wait(if your broadband connection is not that big like mine). There is a lot of lie and factual error from Peres part. For example according to Peres, Gaza was in fact nine times bigger than Singapore and Singapore had four million people whereas Gaza had only one and a half million. Well the facts is Gaza Strip is a coastal strip of land along the Mediterranean Sea, measures only 360 square kilometers, while Singapore got 693 sq km. 

Recep Erdogan salvo with subtitles

CNN's not so strange version.

Although many people right from Persian gulf to the black sea praise Erdogan as a hero, a new world leader and such, while the other camps regard this as nothing sort of bravado accounts for Erdogan's turkish kasimpas code of honor which notorious for quick anger, proud and blunt in word. But for me I would rather see him not loosen his manners. I think Erdogan was genuinely angry, he should be. But then he suppose to contain his anger. It's not good/polite if not rude to ignore the moderator,no matter how bad or even crook one is. I would rather see, Erdogan using sarcasm than walking off and declaring that Davos was over for him. He can have a press conferences latter on to explain or clarify that matters. That's better me think.

The organizers have only themselves to blame!


air said...

Perhap David Ignatius good at spin stories at Washington Post but not as a moderator in Davos.

ipv6 said...

definetely he's bias toward Peres and bloody inadequate to handle/moderate the political discourse lef alone the head of states.

So ludicrous I must say!

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