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Another skirmish episode to the world yet so usual for the Palestinian

It seemed a nice day out, the sun was shining, the sky was blue, the bird's are chirping, the air was cool and brisk, I've just woken up here again, not from my slumber for I haven't had any at this moment. The Jerusalem is far away yet so closegently wind doesn't calm my restless soul either, I had nothing but mournful of sombre and grief. While I was busy slicing and compressing the movie ('cause somebody forgot to do their job) to a reasonable size and quality, my mind in parallel was never less hectic than my cpu decoding the movie. I traveled so on and so forth to the middle ages and long before the first Aliyah to the land of Palestine until the days of the drone aircraft start carry a missile (instead of just a surveillance camera) and killing the harmless children in Gaza recently.  

Killing, as we learned, is an audacious act, and killing on this grand scale in Gaza and The West Bank and Lebanon is even more so. As massacre and genocides on Palestinian people have become frequent occurrences, the world look away on every occasion. while some tiny hands tries as they might to call for justice, the bullies hand always get their ways and shot it down if not tone down  to their pathetic subtle. Justice makes democracy possible as the wise man say, but there's ain't no justice for Palestinian in Israel courthouse.Poetic justice maybe. The only democracy in the state of Israel is absolute oligarchy. There is an elections but the running government never hold the doctrine of democratic country left alone be fair and square toward Palestinians people. The only democracies for this people is a democracy of the dead, so to speak.

If there is justice anywhere, they would go to the extra miles just to files their case, but unfortunately some not so invisible hands managed to turn the page, although they have very high chances to win I must say. Its was abruptly case dismiss left alone just to have a trial, even that mean a red face to the judicial authorities of the host country and their supreme leaders, and in this case it was New Zealand. What a treacherous acts. Shame on you Kiwis!. Therefore, while the Nazis leader get to pay with their lives for the crimes they committed, their not so different counterpart, the Elder of Zion been honor as a great statesman and well been protected from even a slightly harm. The same treatment also applicable to their heir. It getting clear over the years that this bunch of people made to their predecessor really proud and even Hitler himself would be ashame. History was rewritten to suit them the most. So much blood in their hand. True as the Winston Churchill said, History is written by the victors. Churchill himself write his history of Second World War from his truly unique perspective. 

While the oppressor get aways with their oppressive and atrocities, the oppressed people not only end up with  none help at all but worse, they get punishment from the world around them instead. Like their miserable  and suffering is not enough still! Blood and tears are for decades become their part and parcel of everyday life. In a matters of facts, the rivers of blood and not either the seas of blood is alien to them really. Thus justice is indeed a constant wish. Therefore some resort to retaliation. A sweet revenge though some people always quote out of trivial stuff wasn't sweet at all but bitter and gruesome. Revenge after all is a kind of wild justice. What choice do they have? When the wall cut thru their farm land. Some case it completely unreachable, while others left on the mercy of the Israeli gate keeper, so that they can tent to their orchard on the other side of the wall. Truths to be told, the heavily arm gate keeper not known for their friendliness. That shalt gave you some idea how difficult it could be to toil their land.

If that is worse, there is more, the Israeli illegal settlement in the occupied land just like mushroom hunters sprout by the dozens after heavy rains. the illegal sttler running toward the truck load with wheat
The Israeli illegal settler unload the bundles of wheat from the truck

All the back breaking works gone

This land of course belong to the Palestinians people for generations. A apartment build in their backyard, a new access road and fences cut tru their land and orchards, uproot their hundred years old olive tree. In spite of all the utter unjustified, the Palestinians is extremely prohibited from using this road mind you! They need to reroute their journey through the impossible ditch and narrow hilly slope along the fences off what used to be a stone's throw distance. The Palestinian farmers often have to make their own roads out to their farm land. In some case, a road has been make through a ditch along side an Israeli by-pass road. In many cases, Palestinians caught using these road by Israeli soldiers or settlers, have had their keys confiscated or have been arrested. The new illegal neighbourhood not very friendly really. They always harass the farmer in their home and farmland. There's many well know cases where the illegal settlers steal or litter in the orchard and arm and mob like illegal settlers will come and disturb the harvesting process just for the fun of it.

The illegal settler not only get aways with their deed but get helps and support from the government, while the poor Palestinians get the house demolish by bulldozer if they ever build a new building/extension on their own tract of land. More often then not with a really short notice or even none at all(no big deal for the Israeli Authority either way). So nothing much could be save really, all went into debris after the big might carterpilar left the scene. The owner suddenly become homeless and scavenge thru the dust and debris for their own belonging which an hour before is completely intact! They really desperate looking for something Israeli officers demolish the houseto wrap their children for the cold night before they could lay their hand on tent. You see how democratic this Jewish state could be?The communist and their comrade in Beijing is far better me think.

If that is hell yes hell is yet to come! One should learn of what Israeli's term for collective punishment. It's a brutal retaliation against Palestinian civilians which been regards as a collective punishment. They will bomb the house/building with relatively short notice or none at all, even if there is still people inside, if their kins involved with the shooting, shooter was seem to enter the building or even when the shooter was relatively surrounded and got no where to run but the building behind. The Israeli will detonate it nevertheless, although even the blind man can tell that the the owner got nothing to do wth the shooting nor it's within their control, in the first place.

The state of Israel in the others hand is in no danger of perishing. For some of you who don't know the facts, Israel is the fourth largest military power in the world. A literally a tniny country with the economy base largely on aid and donations can be this big, just below the US, Russia and the Republic of China. Its enemy nemesis, the Hamas or Fatah factions have no tanks, no war planes, no drone, none radar either, no heavy artillery. Only a very basic and old kalasnikof rifle, no bulletproof vest either pluss a home made Qassam rocket that never been regard as a military grade missile. While the Israeli Occupational Force equipped with the state of the art fighting gadgetry, thanks to the US taxpayer money and their direct military aid. With the air, sea and ground force pounding the Palestinians people with their might firing power and illegal weaponery. A deadly and destruction is a guarantee occurance.

With the year long blockade of Gaza, the humanitarian and economic crisis in Gaza skyrocketing, it doesn't take a humanitarian nor economics skill to know how deplorable and  intensified thing are. A basis economy 101 and logic will do. With all the misery put before them by none than the occupier force, do you think they can sleep sound?With the very basic necessities been deny, their livelihood is nothing but a mockery. 

The growing cruel and harshness of the Israeli regime in the West Bank and Gaza is bring nothing than creating thousands of potential "suicide bombers" and Israel haters. There are really cling for a basic living as a human yet they have been degrade for as decades, while the international community with the Zionist PR blame them for that. Needless to say they are really desperate and desperate people resort to desperate measure. Thus you will see the picture of a young child trowing stone to the mighty tanks, although they knews the soldiers wont hesitate to put bullets in thier young body.

I shall call your attention to the fact that the attacks on a civilian population as been define by Israeli collective punishment violate the International laws, article 50 of the Hague Regulations to be specific but then the heck wth the laws, Israel not even sign the Rome treaty nor any International treaties on this matters. Thus as a nonsignatory, ICC had no jurisdiction over Israel. It's a bloody complicated really. But if Palestinian Authority can gather the best brains and argue well on the ground that the Israeli Ocupational Force alredy left the Gaza since 2006 there high chances to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Under the Rome treaty, the ICC are subject to prosecute the most serious war crimes only if the country responsible is unwilling or unable to do so through its own courts. Here we got the scenario where Israeli government is refusing to investigate into allegations of war crimes by their soldiers. But in the others hand we also got a stateless Palestine; as widely accepted in the International arena and the security council, in spite of the UN resolution to the Algiers Declaration of a Palestinian State in 1988. This is one of the unjustified and bias policy toward the Palestinian community at large and the peace proces in general. For the Israel, herself illegally declare the proclamation of nationhood in 1948. In may 14, 1948, David Ben-Gurion self-proclaims the State of Israel (without border). Why can't the Palestinians do the same? If Ben-Gurion got the US President Harry S. Truman and British Prime Minister Clement Attlee to recognised Jewish State right away, there is even more countries alredy doing the same things toward the the Algiers Declaration of a Palestinian State in 1988, by none others than the Palestine National Council themself. Even if they do it yet again I'm sure the like of muslim leaders whoi's not a lame ducks like al masri of Egyption will hurries to confer and recognise what has been Palestinian's rights, right from the begining. I can bet my money on Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and President Hugo Chavez of Venezuela will race to be among the first to recognise (yet again for the sake of "selective entitlement of nationhood" by the power that be) the young State of Palestine. And I am sure there's others muslim leaders and non-muslim leaders who's in their own mind surely will follow suit at no time for sure. 

It really delicate and not for the inadequate mind really. But unfortunetely the Fatah organisation for many years full with not the best mind but infest wth some insufferable and corrupt minded. Why can't they really address the issue or even declare the Statehood yet again if it's the only way out? I don't read law back in varsity times but for what ever training that imprint in my head, I never fail to noticed what make them so backward and their many failure and stalemate.  It really delicate and not for the inadequate mind really. Having saying that, I stand enlighten by you guys.

So enough with my lousy words, needless to say my thought charged with emotion watching this clip but I'm still not lost my before words fail me, let watch the testimony of Amr Shurrab, a young Palestinian from the Gaza Strip whose two brothers were killed by ruthless and growing lawlessly Israeli soldiers (soldier of fortune would suits them better I guess) in January 2009 during the Gaza aggression. On February 2, 2009, the US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation held a policy briefing on Capitol Hill, entitled "Armed and Dangerous: Weapons Transfers to Israel during the Bush Administration." Here's part of the video that feature Amr and his heart wrenching story. I'll refrain to comment further, as the video can do far better than myself, plus I fear my vocabulary is inadequate and run short in no time searching for a better words to describe the whole events. 

*I cannot upload the movie that I work on(about 25 MB in size without compromising the quality but it taken forever to upload with my rather narrow upstream bandwith). I had no choice but using the original one (about 130 MB) in their server instead . So bear with it please. As for the rest of the videos about weapons transfers to Israel during the Bush administration, get it here.

For solidarity, humanities cause and the like. I call upon you guys for international solidarity, with great emphasis on the "sons" of Abraham. For all of you could trace yours spiritual roots back to the same individual, Abraham. Our great great and towering historical figures behind all the Judaism, Christianity and Islam religions. The great descendants of Abraham, namely Moses, Jesus the Messiah(read:Christ in Greek)  and Muhammad (peace be upon all the prophets) never taught to shed blood of innocent men, left alone for the chauvinist and narrow political polemics. For thousands year, the three religions live in peaceful and harmony in Jeruselam, the land of the prophets without a major glitch. We have seem too many mothers and fathers, the husbands and wives, the sons and daughters and many relative who lost their loved ones to violence and vengeance. I am aware about some rotten soul in the Jewish state which saw peace with the Palestinians not as a blessing, but as a curse, not just a sign of weak and wrong, but a utter sinful.Thus, it falls to all of us who love peace and uphold the moral value. For the sake of political correctness, we only need 7 ft x 3 ft tract of land when we're 6 foot underground. Not much really. For I see so much, nor live so long. This is not asking for too much. 

In the light of thought, please harbours that virtuous thought and leave it here.

credits: pictures from Christian Peacemaker Teams


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Why leave a virtuous thought? About what you said of people leaving messages that they were there..seriously I dont know too, but its blogsphere, anyone can say whatver heck they like... I find your posts interesting, although too long for my poor brain to digest, and to be honest, after several paras, I surrender...

It is still simplicity when you match belt and shoes, cardinal sin still stands when you dont do that.. :) Have you gone out to get these matching stuff? hehe

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the world should wake up to the atrocities of this regine.

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Well 'cause I'm looking for a compassion and benevolence thought. So me emphasize and urged them to show high moral standards regarless a person's political leanings.

It's beyong politics.

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hail the most righteous ipv6!

air kita said...

don't let the inept mumble silent you sir!

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