Saturday, January 8, 2011

Typical Indian

the bloody truth..
First of all, I would says much of this ain't no news at all nevertheless it's a much awaited truth out of the ludicrous crap brouhaha of the world's largest democratic country. For years those silly Indian policeman and woman and their not so much different Intelligent agencies been quick to points finger to group in their own motherland for anything and everything that went wrong. It's getting much more easier for 'em after the sept 11 when the western counterpart "coin" the term terrorist stuff. Their investigation and report came out in a super fast perhaps rival to things that was appeal in Hindi's films. That wasn't unusual nor ring no bell if you know what I mean. Too much silly stuff or ridiculous exaggeration wouldn't make much different coz the viewer couldn't tell the different anyway.That was the norm in their society. So to cut it short when you read the much embarrassment of the Commonwealth game's apartment no ready but the toilet full of excrement while there's still no running water! For the god shake half of the population don't even have access to toilet left alone a proper sanitation.

Uh-huh enough with these shit crap's thingies but then let talk about another crap which no any less crappy the the former I must say. Indian is full of crapped! ok enough!

So, since the terrorists and terror is a much sough after terms to justify and link and associate may events, event when it's merely act of criminals or their countrymen who's too drunk on cheap and lethal home brew beverage's, they will blame Muslim. They would simply run into the streets and pick up any poor Muslim nearby or who happen to be in any sort of association at all, put then in jails (and frankly speaking) trow the keys. Unfortunately this is the beginning of suffering and long hours interrogation and tortured. Many Muslim youth has spend a few year holidaying in prison for many years for a crime that they got nothing to do, yet the Hindu group who's proven to be more violent and mean where left untouched, not even a slices of suspicious arose from this large terror groups altho their actions and indoctrinations clearly could justify any merit of investigation at any reasonable sense of course.

Anyway to cut it short, despite all the set back of the so call Indian typical system, god willing the truth finally prevail..and it came from the most unlikely source at all. From the those who committed the crime himself... he has spilled the beans.

some of story
Kaleem, a cell phone seller, was arrested and tortured in 2007 for a blast at Mecca Masjid in Hyderabad. He spent a year-and-half in jail before being acquitted. Soon after, he was back in jail on another charge, when he met Swami Aseemanand. The Swami was struck by the boy’s kindness. When he heard that Kaleem was blamed for a blast that he and his comrades had done, he was profoundly affected and decided to confess as an act of penance.

read it here
And yess it not gonna end there, some Indian typical soap opera and films alike flooding the news with their half bake argument in the typical knee jerk reaction like they always do.

It's never cease to amuse me really. What say you?


Anonymous said...

yet many fancy those ludicrous India movie...with their notorious logic and same all same plot. funny thought!

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