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Modern slavery in United Arab Emirates and elsewhere

*updated at 8:35 PM, April 11, 2009

I have read some comments tote elsewhere, such naysayer and a bit moron who's lack of a common sence or simple logic. Some comment kind of funny but I'm not amuse by such remark! Some toke it as patriotic, and tries as much to defend their country etc etc. I'm not going to reproduce it here tho'.

Anyway Islam forbit cruelty treatment even to the animal, and yet this is not animal, this is a human being, pretty much like you and me. Well they might be smaller, thinner and indeed came from inferior country perhap much like the Emiratis before the oil was discover. If it's not because of the black gold, chances are, this bedouins still chasing the camel and frantikly looking for the water like their ancestor in not so distant past and you should know better of how difficult it be, what a frantic undertaking I must say.  So let not forget about your past or else you are betting for doom.

With the ecomony mismanagement,  property bubble and global financial melt down that your inept goverment fail to calculate in your master planning despike some credible financial guru predict it so many years before the sub-prime crisis taken place in the US.  You keep building a lavish, massive building and bloody excessive in nature to boast your Beduin's pride an ego, yet you fail to properly address the nature of property bubble nor the gloomy possibilities of impending global economy hiccup then. While the smart people from all over the world race among themself to propose yet another gigantic project which more often than not stress the environment futher, couple with other basic issue like lack of town planning, many problem pop up and many more will surface for many years to come for sure. With a little oil reserved in Dubai, oil price declining, debts sckyrocketing than the GDP, and the global economy snlow down, thing are pretty bleat for Dubai for sure,  so don't be so ignorant please. Penny wise and pound foolish. 

And if you still fail to realise than tries imagine yourself as a slave workers. Perhap you should, for a minute step outside your super air-condition hall/veranda, let the Middle East's scorching sun burn your skin a little while, perhaps the sensation will invoke some feeling in you, some humility, compassion, love as well as benevolence as what been thought by our beuty religion of peace and way of life, Islam. Islam liberate the slavery. The only one religion who do so is Islam, there's no mention about the slavery in the Bible, no none at all, there's great deal of slavery in Hinduism with their caste and stuff. So tell me what value you guys follow?

For the other readers, this bad workers treatment is not new really, the Human Rights Watch group already publish the report almost 4 year before, yet this still happening, and many poor soul still fall trap on the honey trap while they search for a greener pastures (carpet?) inDubai and their sorrounding area. They been promised a good salaries etc etc but realities is they been con into a dubious contract, inhuman treatment, with a small salary nothing more than slavery I must say. This are breadwinner mind you, they put food to the table, there's many small mouth to feed and aging parent to look after. Pluss the huge money that they borrow to pay up-front for visa fees, medical fee, airline ticket and whopping charges by recruitment agency, from friends, realtives, loan shark and not so shark lender that still need to repay. Suddenly, they realise that the pay check is not even half what been promised then. With extremely penny wise they need to support the family and service the loan back home.

So you tell me how much misery that you people imlicting to this poor workers and their immediate familly. While almost 99 percent of the private work force in UAE are foreigners and they make up about 85 percent of the UAE population, you should know how many of their suffering family by now. So while you sipped some fancy mocha/cappuccinos in a fancy restaurant, you might want to pause for a sec and think about some people somewhere, who might not have anything to eat at all/not having a proper meal, malnultition, sick, family disintegrated and what have not just because of your kind attitude and the lame duck goverment that fail miserably to tackle the issue. The whole lots of you.. 

Anyway here is excerpt from the Human Rights Watch report addresses the abusive conditions faced by migrant construction workers in the UAE dated in 2006.

Dubai, with its glittering new skyline of high-rise buildings and its profusion of luxury resorts and real estate, is the most globally emblematic evidence of the economic rise of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). As the UAE undergoes one of the largest construction booms in the world, at least half a million migrant construction workers are employed there. Behind the glitter and luxury, the experiences of these migrant workers present a much less attractive picture—of wage exploitation, indebtedness to unscrupulous recruiters, and working conditions that are hazardous to the point of being deadly. UAE federal labor law offers a
number of protections, but for migrant construction workers these are largely unenforced.

This Human Rights Watch report addresses the abusive conditions faced by migrant construction workers in the UAE, specifically their exploitation by employers...

Building Towers, Cheating Workers report by Human Rights Watch, read it all here , in pdf format, which the abc news pick up a little latter.

While we on this topic still, perhap you might want to watch this video too from the KSA aka the funny Wahhabis land where women cannot drive, old mosque and building dated back in prophet era been bulldozer,  the companion tombstone been razed to the ground. This historic site not only need to be preserved and or at least have respect for the grave of the dead instead of been buldoser to the ground on the pretex people tend to whorship the grave and yet latter at the same site, they build anything from parking lot to the toilet! how bloody insulting! This is the same people with the same ideology that aid the Brits army and backstab the ottoman empayar from within, subsequently weaken the turks in Hijaz open theater, who's previously gaining the uperhand in the northern/European theatre. It never cease to amuse me reading/hearing the Wahhabi apologetics and their blind supporter who read anything but the book and story printed by the Wahhabis only. They insist not to be been label as Wahhabi and argue is was invent by the west yet they fail to remember the history, it's their forefather who open the gate and help the Christian bloke to defeated the great Muslim empire. They still following the same ideology and the same man who justify the actions. Their forefather disrecpect and destroy the grave and monument related to our Prophet/Companions before and their great great offspring did just the same to this very days pluss some funny rule as well. So why do they feel shame now? But then their funny fatwas and rules can be relax, but only for those who's walking in the corridor of power, the royal household, thousands of them. What about the ordinary people?screw 'em!

While the ordinary saudi get kill on drug trafficking, the saudi royal prince get caught red handed with plane load of drug, cocaine worth of £50 million  in their private jet in into Europe, been shelter and shielding with diplomatic immunity in the Wahhabi land, saved from even a sligtly harm. The others royalties just like many not so royal blood but rich enjoy a whopping expensive booze and womeniser a lots, as any high society or even the whore would know better of how bloody generous they could be..not helping the poor mind you but in the bed! A ho even bragged they 20-30K is nothing if he really like you! While the Saudi population in general, live in substandard facilities, abusing system and deprive the womenfolk despike Islam teach the otherwise. Regarding the prince with the drug case in the US, I dunno what bargain it would be, but what ever it is, the smart ass in the Washington and france would manipulate this again the Saudi goverment for sure. They would demand things, only god almighty know what it be this time. Yup this time..

They said the wealth belong to Allah SWT, yet I don't see it fit the descriptions. Only a fool would believe the retoric. And now they bring the US army in the holly land in the pretex of Saddam treat but the truth is to protect the Saudi royal family from the impending treat with from within(it was widely know among the intelligence community and war planner about the Saudi's situation in the late 90's), the expensed borned by the Saudi goverment, well it ok, as they are not accountable to any scrutiny from the like of parliment. Again the wealth belong to Allah SWT as they say so what big deal with few billions? I dunno how to describe it when I lay my hand on some material, documenting and describing in vivid detail of how the United Stated counterpart with what I would call a "poker style", managed to push the inept Saudi's counterpart to pay for all expenses even the single brick lay to build the US base, all in all in the tune of billions petrol dollar money of course, I could not forget the laughter and remarks and gesture from the correspondent when the high rank retired army told how they scramble on the jet plane and jetting to Europe to bank in the billion dollar cheque, so that they can earn the overnight interest! They would not risk loosing a single day interest mind you. Anyway this is the person who "entrust" to guard the 2 holly land ladies and getlement. Looking at how they handle things, my guess as good as you guess, it's not an isolated cases really. So I will left you with the knowing that the ammo, jet fuel and many thing associate wth the US war been fund by the muslim coffer, I don;t want to suggest where the US marine use those arsenal as I'll leave it to you all to ponder.

A special documentary on slavery in the land of Wahhabis and their not Wahhabi royal household.


Btw, for the sake of this article, I won't delve futher, so I better stop here. Anyways the Wahhabis and the House of Saud have a unique relationship. Although I understand the royal household is not subscribe to the teaching of Wahhabi but they do tad along with their Wahhabi cleriks, base on article an insight stories and documentaries of the many prince and princes(5000 thousand of them!) that begun to emmerge on this past few years(notieceable especially after 9-11 taken place-weird huh?not really if you knew abou the scrutiny toward the Saudi back then). They need each others, the Wahhabis cleriks and the Saudi royal household  need each other like the oxygen to the living cells. They are symbiosis and co-existance, that what I can say of their not so complex relatioship. 


Empress Anisa said...

Wow... intense follow up. Even MORE food for thought!

Empress Anisa said...

Oh, brother, I forgot to mention that I linked this story as well as the follow up....

ipv6 said...

It's ok sis,
The web was built purely with the hypertext capabilities, allowing one site to hyperlink to anothers. Linking was both accepted and encouraged long way, dated when the Internet was still in the research lab in selected few varsity in good old day. It's the nature of webpage other than the spider web that crawling the site and save it in their database for future enquiries. But over the year, the corporate sector and profiting enterpris begun pushing their arsenal at searching engine as paid listing etc etc pluss some creative and over cloak by webmaster pushing the searching engine to the that the algorithm became more complected so are the results..It's more like cat and mouse game with the genius stakes of course.

So no need to ask my permission nor do one need to ask anybody permission at all for the sake of linkage. It's just like when you drive in open road/parking in public space(pardon my simplicity).


Oh good! Another person who has NEVER been to KSA or UAE talking as if they know it all. Real refreshing.


Shows how much you really know when you start the whole 'wahhabi' sentiments.

I suggest you go sharpen your spelling tools before going off about religious affairs.

FYI: It was the Sufis and kafir-pleasing Muslims who betrayed the Muslim empire, not Abdul-Wahab. HE WASN'T EVEN ALIVE BACK THEN, duh.


Oh, I take back all I said since I just realized I'm dealing with a guy who's picture is a CAT with a WATER-MELON on it's head.

ipv6 said...

I burst into laughter reading your comments... What a funny apologist I had here. chuckles. I must thanks Anisa for she bring this kind of people here to entertain me on my hectic sechedule.

Okies to begin with perhaps you should polish your rather weak understanding of Wahhabi(s) as it doesn't constitute only to your hero, Muhammad ibn Abd Wahhab.

oh yess I need help!
so pelase help me to helping you and your Wahhabi apologetics, the whole lots of ya.okey-dokey!We are good here right? ;p

Alright!First go and read the real history, and while you're in the UK right now, I guess there's a lot book(unlike the Wahhabi land) that documenting a real history and not a funny Wahhabi and their cohort, the Al saud version. There is a lot of the frank and true historian even if he is a Jews!

FYI, the ottoman managed to crush the the Wahhabi circa 1812. That old you see. It was to the credit of Al Saud family who's in their bid to consolidate power again the caliph government with the help from the British's bloke and their gold and munition of course, in the First World War, rope and revived this cult. It's ironic that many years after the co-operation, the same people wth the same help renouce the sect and crushed 'em all in the Battle of Sibilla, why?? well it's because of their fanaticism in the highes order.

But then, it not untill after the Second World War, they managed to resurface,due to the Islamic fundamentalism movement worldwide and the Al Saud family desperately need religious backup to consolidate more power to the throne.

*psst..whOtt in your mouth?Does it help to speak a perfect Queen english eh? chuckles..

-on the tiles-

Jennifer Ramos said...

Im actually giving 9 prizes away, so I think its a great idea.

ipv6 said...

me stick through my remark still ;o)
It's ok, think I can conjecture your's objective..hehe
Good luck then.

Habayeb said...

Brother, If you thought my comments on empress anisa's post were patriotic and "moronic" (if you've included my comments in that category) then i suggest reading the first few comments of mine on her post since i said i "do" agree there's slavery in the UAE and that i blogged about it too. You can go on and on about how people are oppressing workers here and you'll see my nodding my head. However my issues were with a few stuff. Please dont assume and judge without knowing someone. Islam also doesn't allow judging fellow Muslims. (Again, all this in case you thought my comments as such)

Habayeb said...


ipv6 said...

Dear sis Habayeb,
I revisit the blog and read your comment again and conjure up my previous thought but then my mind hurt to think the otherwise.

Here's I reproduce your words
Sis, problems are everywhere and no place is perfect. Also, UAE isnt the perfect Islamic state either. However, many people around me know that i will defend this place however i can. Sure, i totally agree, im not a fan of the labor laws here and also admit there is racism, too much of westernization and lots more. Ive even blogged about it too long back. However im still firm on the stand that if one country has one problem which is to an extreme another country has another problem to an extreme. And please, dont think im blinded by the glitz and glamor of this place i was raised here and seen lotsa changes which i dont like but i still love my adopted home country no matter what. And many of my friends have migrated here and nope not coz of glamor. Every1 has their own choices and reasons for liking and not liking a country...if someone doesnt like UAE their choice and they sure have their own valid reasons, others like the place , their choice and have their own valid reasons

Your arguments doesn't bode well to my brain really, as if it's like to tone down the issue(sorry this what I see and I do aware about your subsequent comments too), citing/pointing finger that it also happen else where doesn't do the job either. Yea I aware that we do have a labors issue elsewhere too like The US, Europe or the extremely in the communis powerhouse,China or their next kin's, the North Korea. So if sonebody say so what about the crooked deal, they got job right?so what they their working/living condition, China/N.Korea also treat no better. So what if philippino(s)/Indonesian's maid been abuse/rape/not paid in Saudi etc etc..and this is not philippic my friend.

Anyway,this is not about liking the place or not(everbody love a nice place and nobody like the hell and that's the basic rules), what wrong is wrong, no matter how much we love the place,and indeed if one care and love so much about the land, one suppose to address the issue so that the goon that run the country will open their eyes and do their job, as a check and balance so that the goverment machinery will run smothly. Therefore the State can florish and thrive.

If this ill-gotten attitude,"close eyes" and many foul deal/scheme not been tackle then it's will definely become a culture and trive in the fabric of society. Look at the Saudi, ho many maid been abuse, rape and "slaughter" silently. How many Indonesian maid been send back to their country to give birth to the illegitime/rape to you know who. So it's not in the statistic! We are not talking about an isolated cases here. This is bad, not only bad but unspeakable. you can watch the vedeo clips and see what is happening in the KSA. Why because their system is nothing but oppress and loopside. You minght wonder why hey still going there in plane load still, well there's ain't much job back home.Despike of rich in natural resources, the county are poor due to heavily corrupt and loopy goverment. It's not happen over night mind you.

BTW, I'm not only refering to you in my post, I am addressing people's in general here. Altho admited you comment and many othrs commentator do in some extent shape my thoughts.

ipv6 said...

Quote: Islam doesn't allow judging fellow Muslims"
I bet to differ here, Islam does permit jugging anybody regardless of a race or religions and that inluding a fellow muslim of course.

I found this is where some quarters of our muslim people misinterpreted and some people get away with it lots. In Islam, when we see something which is not right, we correct it with our hand, tongue or with our heart if we are that weak so to speak. It just the way that we naseeha must be modest and not to strip naked in public so to speak.

Unfortunately, some people using ths argument when we giving advise/point wrongdoing/wrong'un they will used this again us, cannot, Islam not permit, it haram and amany not so haram tongue lashing with any piece of quranic verses that have a single mention about without reading the contact of the verse(or the whole ayah).

I remember vividly when some fellow blogger thries to advise a bloger who think the NAtion of Islam(NOI) is wrong, despike they claim as prophet and getting a new commandment from god. How could could? The prophet Muhhammad(pbh) is the last messenger, aint no more after that, Islam is complete. So if we subscribe to this NOI's teaching then we dont belief what has been deliver by our Prophet himself and the Qur'an.

Yet this people cry, you cannot judge, haram! what if you advise the naughty/immoral teanager,and then they using the same argument to defend themself, what if a muslim whore began to pickup this word, the same prase, the same old same arguments to shield their immoral dirty work.

So we just keep quiet right? No wonder Islamic world became so acward and stagnate despike our glories days and beuty guidance. Period.

Habayeb said...

Bro, when i started to write what u highlighted in my comment that was to something that i misinterpreted about sis anisa's own words NOT about the post. Im sorry if that still doesnt make sense to you but i know what i meant when i wrote that. And about judging Muslims i meant when u call them moronic and all. There are still a few things i dont agree about ur latest post but im not calling anyone names. And that's insha'allah we "all" need to remember. My last comment on this post. Jazakallah.

ipv6 said...

Sorry for bad typo(s), the keybord and my bad, but the last post in dire need of correction.
*any piece of quranic verses that have a single mention without reading the context of the verse(or the whole ayah).


I see. Sorry for the moronic thingy, I just have a funny feeling that I had to used their language in order to struck and register the thing inside their brain. The hoard of 'em.
Oh well I don't mind so call names if indeed am doing something plain stupid, I stand corrected if indeed I was wrong. I'm sorry to hear about your last comment on the post, well what can I say and will refrain from futher comment (and kill some of my thought, altho think I can guess those disagreement)..

Good days and salam.


Anonymous said...

These videos seem FAKe! SubhanAllah. And who was videotaping this chick? Seems like a bunch of drama to me!

ipv6 said...

Dear Anonymous,
Fake whott?why don't you prove it/provided something tangible that can be digest and not merely a naysay!

I had heard a lot of stories about the pregnant Indonesian maid been ship back to their country to deliver the babies and fly back shortly afterwards, so there would be no issue whatsover wth the Wahhabis autority,with every expenses paid fully by the employer of course.

This scenario altho became prevalant at times won't hit the Saudi's news-stand,just like many curruptionsin the Wahhabis goverment and royalhousehold, just like the Saudis mindboggling spendthrift and their immoral activities oversea would never be in the public domain, and definitely a shocking contrary to their average behaviour in public back home.

You see how the "easy oil dollor" do wonder!! It's not only solve the problem but put(read:buy) the good images too.

ipv6 said...

*easy oil dollar

Anonymous said...

.:was here:.

ipv6 said...

quoteailininstockholm said...
.:was here:.
yeah I noticed that,and for the merest less than 2 minute,the top notch lightning speed 'reading age' send chill down my spine too...chuckles.

So how's the weather in Sollentuna?

Anonymous said...
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