Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Wish I could tag Obama

Man I been tag, yea somebody tagged me, actually I hates tag and I think too much sinister in it, it goes without saying..pluss I don't want this get into me 'cause I could probable make it a lot sinister that ever.. :o]D 

So let get it done quickie.

10 Random Facts About Me

Six names you go by: 
1 matt 
2 * 
3 * 
4 * 
5 * 
6 * 
*Denote highly classified information, chuckles. 

Three things you are wearing right now: 
1.  Shorts. 
2. T-shirts 
3. nothing else, just enuf for the comfort of my reading/computer room enviroment. 

Two things you want very badly at the moment: 
1. Put my Opera bookmarks on diet. Due to my broad and vast interest and ponderable attitude, it getting harder to go back and find something, luckly opera browser got a build-in search function or else I need to get my hand dirty, I loves Opera and I abuse and hack into their **** a lot to serve my need and curiosities. ;D 
2. More power and muscle to my prosessor, so that I won't be streaching their limit ways too often. it's no child play... 

Three people who will do this: 
1. Naval 
2. Hajar 
3. Aisha Zahaf 

Sorry pal, guess I want to tag Barack Hussein Obama first and foremost, 'course he kept updating me on my email, well not only him really but his assistants too, but then my tag would be too wicket as I'll introduce some creative questioning.  
Two things you did last night: 
1. Downloading some files and analyst servers log. Well I do it concurrently so considered as one tho' 
2. Translation on poodle project.  

Two things you did today: 
1. Cook 
2. Reading political and replying my previous comment on others ppl's blog. 

Two Things you ate today: 
1. Rice 
2. Banana 

Two people you last talked to on the phone: 
1. my mum. 
2. unknow woman who simply said wrong number. 

Two things you are going to do tomorrow: 
1. Work on the much needy, (but left behind due to mytime constrain and priority) environmental project...hey me not a members of greenpeace okay ;p 
2. Try to set an appointment with somebody somewhere in the corridor of power. 

Favourite beverage: 
1. Iced lemon tea 
2. Just any cool beverege would do and no booze please.

# ipv6: I myself not a great fan of this tag tig thingy. So I add this caution: There aint no compulsion ere tho'... 


Stylomom said...

Ohhh, such a nice son you are...

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